Cross-layer Resilience for Rack-scale Disaggregated Memory

The rapid rise in social connectivity and e-commerce requires increasing computer memory to store and process larger amounts of data with low latency. But more computer memory means more memory errors, which can disrupt service availability and cause data loss. In this context, SHEPHERD investigates cross-layer memory resilience techniques where software and hardware work together to prevent service unavailability and data loss due to memory errors in disaggregated memory with low overhead.



  1. MICRO
    AgileWatts: An Energy-Efficient CPU Core Idle-State Architecture for Latency-Sensitive Server Applications
    Jawad Haj-Yahya, Haris Volos, Davide B. Bartolini, Georgia Antoniou, Jeremie S. Kim, Zhe Wang, Kleovoulos Kalaitzidis, Tom Rollet, Zhirui Chen, Ye Geng, Onur Mutlu, and Yiannakis Sazeides
    In MICRO ’22: Proceedings of the 55th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture 2022
  2. MICRO
    AgilePkgC: An Agile System Idle State Architecture for Energy Proportional Datacenter Servers
    Georgia Antoniou, Haris Volos, Davide B. Bartolini, Tom Rollet, Yiannakis Sazeides, and Jawad Haj-Yahya
    In MICRO ’22: Proceedings of the 55th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture 2022
  3. NVMW
    Persistent Scripting
    Zi Fan Tan, Jianan Li, Haris Volos, and Terence Kelly
    In NVMW ’22: 13th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop 2022
  4. ACM Queue
    Persistent Memory Allocation: Leverage to move a world of software
    Terence Kelly, Zi Fan Tan, Jianan Li, and Haris Volos
    ACM Queue magazine 2022
  5. TOCS
    Unified Holistic Memory Management Supporting Multiple Big Data Processing Frameworks over Hybrid Memories
    Lei Chen, Jiacheng Zhao, Chenxi Wang, Ting Cao, John Zigman, Haris Volos, Onur Mutlu, Fang Lv, Xiaobing Feng, Guoqing Harry Xu, and Huimin Cui
    ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 2022


  1. CAL
    The Case for Replication-Aware Memory-Error Protection in Disaggregated Memory
    Volos, Haris
    IEEE Computer Architecture Letters 2021
  2. WORDS
    MODC: Resilience for disaggregated memory architectures using task-based programming
    Kimberly Keeton, Sharad Singhal, Haris Volos, Ramesh Chandra Chaurasiya Yupu Zhang, Clarete Riana Crasta, Sherin T George, Nagaraju K N, Mashood Abdulla K, Kavitha Natarajan, and Sanish Suresh Porno Shome
    In WORDS ’21: 2nd Workshop On Resource Disaggregation and Serverless 2021

Funding info

Grant agreement ID: 101029391
Start date: 1 September 2021
End date: 30 December 2024
Funded under: H2020-EU.1.3.2.
Coordinated by: University of Cyprus