Working on a thesis project can be a rewarding and challenging experience. The following advice aims to help you make the most of it.

We will hold weekly meetings to track your progress and challenges. Please come prepared for our meetings. Our meetings are 30 minutes long and should be effective and productive. You are responsible for sending me an email with your update and agenda the day before each meeting. If you do not send the email, Ι will assume you have nothing to discuss and the meeting will be cancelled. You should take the initiative for our meeting and show your progress and challenges.

For our meetings, you should come prepared with a PowerPoint presentation that includes your update, issues, and next steps. You should also keep meeting minutes in a shared document that we can both access and edit. Here is an example template for your minute notes. You should keep all your minutes notes in a single document for easier reference.

You should keep a roadmap with short-term and long-term goals and milestones. You should keep it up to date and follow it closely. You should keep notes of your research process and findings. Your meeting presentations can serve as your notes, but you can also have more detailed ones.

You should keep a GitHub repository with all your code and documentation. You should start working on your code as early as possible and test it frequently.

You should start working on your final thesis report early. Good writing takes time and effort, and it cannot be done in a hurry. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up with a poor-quality report. You should aim to start writing at least one month before the deadline for submitting your thesis report.

Your performance on all the above tasks will affect your final grade. Your success on your final project depends on you. I am here to provide guidance and advice, but you are the main driver of your project.

You should be a good citizen of the lab and respect the other students and the resources. You should use the servers responsibly and share them fairly.

You should communicate with me how you can be contacted by email, phone, or other means.

Most importantly, please take care of yourself and be aware of your physical and mental health, and seek help if you need it.